Inside the Tape Homicide and Crime Scene Management Training offers courses intended for law enforcement agencies in the management of homicide and suspicious death scenes. This training tackles the critical decision making that investigators face and the proper protocol that should be implemented when dealing with homicide scenes such as the appropriate and efficient use of resources to aid in proper documentation, evidence collection and analysis. The topics covered are intended to benefit all members of law enforcement who may have a role during a homicide investigation - from the first responding officer to the prosecuting attorney. The ultimate objective of course is  the reconstruction of the events as they occurred during the commission of the violent act and the successful prosecution of the offender. Since 2001, Inside the Tape has conducted instruction for over 1,000 law enforcement agencies and to well over 3,000 of it's members. Inside the Tape has also consulted in dozens of open cold cases for agencies across the U.S. , providing new investigative direction for open homicide investigations. Training is offered across the country ( as both a contracted or hosted format ) and has been sponsored and endorsed by several police agencies such as Boston, San Antonio, Cleveland, Pasadena, Charlotte, Denver, Phoenix and many more. Topics covered are intended to benefit those with all levels of experience in homicide investigation.

What makes “Inside the Tape” Death Investigation and Crime Scene Management training courses different from other similar courses? Inside the Tape Training is conducted by instructors who are qualified experts with years of hands-on experience in their particular field. Both the number of instructors we use and the number of courses we offer are kept to a minimum. This allows us to focus our efforts on presenting every detail of each course accurately and completely. In addition to our current curriculum, Inside the Tape will soon offer a two-day robbery investigation training course organized and instructed by two senior police investigative supervisors whose combined experience amounts to over a thousand robbery investigations and interviews.

Inside the Tape training courses are also the most affordable homicide and scene management training courses currently offered today. We are able to achieve this by eliminating most overhead expenses that other companies often carry over into the cost of tuition. Our goal is to make it possible for all agencies to participate in this valuable training, regardless of their resources and funding. The crime scene management lessons and procedures presented in our courses can be used not only with homicide investigations, but also with other types of criminal investigations, including rape, robbery and burglary. Course content and all forensic applications are constantly updated to keep up with the ever-changing breakthroughs of forensic science, including DNA.

Inside the Tape also provides support outside of the classroom to those agencies requesting on-scene advice and cold case recommendations. Our staff dedicates many hours each week to the review of cold cases submitted by departments nationwide. Our efforts are concentrated on providing new investigative direction and, hopefully, closure for the victims, and families of victims, of violent crimes.

A key member of our staff, Investigator David Newman, is committed to bringing the most comprehensive and practical training courses to agencies nationwide. Because Investigator Newman still works full-time with the Norfolk Police Forensic Section and is responsible for most cold case reviews, Inside the Tape’s three-day homicide and crime scene management training course is limited to one or two sessions each month. We encourage agencies to keep track of upcoming training courses in their area so they may take advantage of this invaluable training.

Investigator David Newman is retired from the Norfolk Police Department after 23 years of service. His experience in Norfolk includes over 15 years in the bureau serving both in homicide & forensics and involvement in over 350 death investigations and high profile homicides. Between January and December of 2000 David Newman served as the lead investigator in over 19 homicides and was awarded Investigator of the Year by the Norfolk Police and VFW for that year. He also had the privilege to work with and learn from several outstanding prosecutors both from and outside of the City of Norfolk Prosecutors Office. Some include John Doyle, Jimmy Entas, Phillip Evans and also Paul B. Ebert and Richard A. Conway who were instrumental in the successful prosecution of John Muhammad in Virginia Beach. David Newman attended over 200 hours of advanced death investigation training while serving with the Norfolk Police which included the Southern Police Institute, the International Homicide Investigators Association, the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association, the International Association for Identification, which he still remains a member of, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on Cold Case Investigation and the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science. While serving in forensics he has handled over 2300 cases and crime scenes including an additional 45 homicide investigations. Investigator Newman received his Bachelors degree from Old Dominion University in 1986 in criminal justice, and has lectured over 3000 hours to law enforcement agencies across the country on the topic of homicide investigation and its related forensic applications. His courses began in 2001 at the request of outside agencies and have been taught in conjunction with the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Investigator Newman also instructs basic and advanced forensics at Thomas Nelson College in Virginia, equivocal death scenes at the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science Academy, and is a qualified expert in death investigation and its related forensic fields which include bloodstain pattern interpretation, gunshot residue and trace, wound pattern interpretation and post-mortem interval and crime scene event reconstruction. He has provided hundreds of hours of expert testimony in criminal trial proceedings, and is a nationally recognized speaker and authority on this subject. Outside of his own courses David Newman has been a quest speaker at several conferences and conventions for Federal, State and Local agencies on the topic of crime scene management and how it relates to the suspicious death scene. Several state divisions of the IAI, state police agencies and coroners associations have used David Newman to present various topics at annual re-training seminars and conferences. He also conducts cold case reviews for law-enforcement agencies across the country free of charge providing new leads and directions that assist in bringing these cases successfully to closure. Investigator Newman has also provided recommendations to several prosecuting attorneys’ regarding trial preparation, the handling of physical evidence and its proper evaluation and analysis for future presentation in court. He has assisted agencies in establishing proper crime scene protocol based on each agencies method of scene management and access to forensic resources while providing an understanding of how each level within an agency plays a critical role in the overall success of the suspicious death investigation.

Several cases handled by Investigator Newman have received national attention and have been studied by the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes in Quantico Virginia.

David Newman now dedicates his efforts completely to the continuing education and training of law-enforcement personnel at every level who may play a role in a homicide investigation. Inside the Tape was started by law-enforcement in 2001 and will continue to serve and educate law-enforcement agencies on those topics critical in the successful prosecution of violent offenders.

Sergeant Michael Lovely is the one of the lead instructors and co-founders of Inner Circle Solutions. He is an active member of the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia. His experience includes several years investigating robberies and homicides and has been involved in over 500 robbery investigations including 42 bank robberies. Sergeant Lovely is a Virginia DCJS Gang Specialist and General Instructor. He has been court certified as a gang expert and has received specialized training in all aspects of criminal investigation including crime scene forensics, blood spatter and analysis, and interview and interrogation. Sergeant Lovely has obtained a degree from Saint Leo University and is actively working on obtaining a higher education degree in the field of criminal justice with a specialization in criminalistics.

Michael is a Norfolk, Virginia native where he lives with his wife and two boys. During his career with the Norfolk Police Department, he has received the department’s highest award, the Medal of Honor, and the Distinguished Service Medal for bravery shown in the line of duty, multiple letters of commendation and Officer of the Year in 2001. Michael has also received the Regional Law Enforcement Golden Gavel Award, Norfolk Crime Line Award and multiple letters of commendation, including letters of commendation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for joint efforts in several robbery investigations. He is also an active member of the Virginia Bank Security Association where he was the recipient of the prestigious 2008 Star Award. Michael also is an active member of the Virginia Gang Investigators Association, and Fraternal Order of the Police.

Michael has experience in handling many high profile robbery cases, countless hours in the interrogation room, and in providing courtroom testimony. He was featured in the Virginia Pilot Newspaper in a public interest story and was recently on the Live with Regis and Kelly Show, where a mother of two was left paralyzed after being shot multiple times in front of her two young daughters. He was the lead investigator and apprehended all four suspects who are now serving life sentences for their actions.
Michael also conducts training for financial institution employees in the area of bank security and is currently assigned the training division where he continues to instruct new and senior police officers in a wide range of police related topics and recruit new officers into the law enforcement field.

Sergeant Shaun Squyres is the one of the lead instructors and co-founders of Inner Circle Solutions. He is an active member of the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia. His experience includes 4 years in the U.S. Air Force Military Police where his duties included Presidential Support Duties at the White House and Dignitary Protection Units. He worked in the Norfolk Police Criminal Intelligence Unit as an undercover agent with Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Shaun later became a homicide investigator where he investigated over a 80 homicides within a 6 year period. He also held positions as the SWAT Sniper Team Leader and the Harbor Patrol / Dive Team supervisor. Shaun graduated Old Dominion University’s paralegal program, has obtained a degree from Saint Leo University and is actively working on obtaining a higher education degree specializing in the field of criminalistics. Shaun is a Virginia DCJS Gang Specialist and has received specialized training in all aspects of criminal investigation including crime scene forensics and interview and interrogation. Shaun has had cases on appeal reach the State Supreme as well as the U. S. Supreme Court.

Shaun is a native of the Hampton Roads Area where he lives with his wife and three sons. During his career Shaun was nominated for the Parade Magazine Officer of the Year and appeared on America’s Most Wanted in 1995 for his efforts as the lead investigator of a high profile homicide death penalty case. Shaun was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for bravery intentionally exposing himself to fire to protect a fellow officer on a robbery stakeout. He was the recipient of the Fraternal Order of Police Officer of the Quarter. Shaun holds memberships in the Virginia Bank Security Association, Virginia Gang Investigators Association, and Fraternal Order of Police.

Shaun is currently assigned to the Detective Division as a violent crimes supervisor tasked with overseeing robbery, homicide, and gang investigations. He has supervised over 60 bank robbery cases, 700 commercial robbery cases, and over 3500 street robberies. He is active in the training of new investigators, where he is passionate about providing officers and investigators with the tools necessary to successfully arrest and prosecute violent offenders.

Inside the Tape is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia and draws support from both active and retired homicide investigators with years of experience in death investigations. Our death investigation courses  benefit investigators from all levels of experience in the field.

Thank you for the material. I just wanted to say thank you again. As it turned out, less than two weeks after your class, we had a double homicide. The suspect had been stalking the victim, assaulted her in her home, then removed / disabled all the smoke detectors then set the house on fire, killing the 8 year old sleeping upstairs. It was a very dynamic scene, as most of it was damaged by fire, smoke, water, and the victims had been removed from the house by fire fighters. I found myself referring to my notes from your course quite a bit. We had our suspect in the interview room on day 1,
and in custody on day 3.

Thanks again for doing what you do!

Cpl. Andrew Rocco #4510
Mayfield Heights Police Department

Just wanted to pass on to you how great this your class was. The Investigators from the Churchill County Sheriff's Office all agreed this was by far one of the best training classes we have been to in "forever."

Your materials and visual aids were very informative and well organized. We especially appreciated how knowledgeable you were of everything you talked about.

Again we can't say enough great things about this training. Thanks

Inv. Paul Anthony Loop
Churchill County Sheriff's Office

Gayle, I just wanted to write you to highly recommend David Newman (Ret) and his courses. I personally attended his Homicide Investigation course in 2006 when I was a Homicide Investigator.

In 2010, I took over our department's Professional Development Institute ( ). This is a business that is operated out of our Training Unit in the Police Department. We provide a plethora of training and then market it to outside Agencies.

Since taking over the Institute, I have hosted David a minimum of 2 times each year; Homicide Investigation and Homicide Scene Management for Patrol. Both courses fill consistently. The evaluations from both course always reflect an "Excellent" rating average. David is extremely accommodating and easy to work with. In short, he is a gifted instructor and a great advocate in a business administrative role.

- Edward L Lemon
Sergeant, PDI
Saint Paul Police Department

I spoke with the other two investigators from our office that attended your class in TN last year, and collectively we've agreed it was one of the best if not the best we've attended, and we are going to incorporate a lot of the techniques and procedures that were reviewed.  I personally have been pushing for a more formal victimology, which is something I brought back from a deviant behavior/rape class, and I was glad to have it reinforced in a homicide class.

If in the interim you need anything around this area, please don't hesitate to call/email.

- Lee Hands
Investigator LA Hands
Cherokee County Sheriff's Ofc.
Criminal Investigations Division

"Det. Newman taught an outstanding course in Charleston WV.  The class has changed how I will look at investigative work for the rest of my career. His class could have gone on for a month.  A must have for all

- Detective Craig Howard Wheeling, WV Police

Just wanted to thank you again for bringing Inside the Tape back to the Cincinnati Police Academy. The evaluations were excellent. One student wrote, The best course I’ve ever taken. Another wrote, This should become something that is offered on a regular basis. Another wrote, Very hands on, practical info that is no BS and isn’t restrained by personal bias or money.

I sent the evaluations to our chief. He was very impressed and wants to ensure we arrange the training again. Great job, and let's arrange training for 2009.

 - Capt Paul F. Broxterman, Jr.
Cincinnati Police Department
Training Section Commander

" I learned more in the first three hours of this seminar than other courses I have taken combined."

 -Springfield, OH

" I have been assigned to our homicide unit since 1988 and have attended every seminar available involving death investigation. This course was by far one of the best for its presentation and content."

- Tucson, AZ

"One of the most comprehensive homicide courses I have ever taken."

 - Rocky Mount, NC

"The course was excellent. Information was well presented and the instructor very knowledgeable."

 - Jersey City, NY

"The past two days have completely influenced how I will approach future death investigations."

 - Jackson, MS

"I have experience in over 50 homicide investigations, and have attended several death investigation schools. This one was well worth taking. Investigator Newman created an interactive and relaxed atmosphere I believe we all benefited from.".

 -  New Orleans,  LA

" This is a course that anyone taking an active role in homicide investigation should attend. It is applicable to what we do on scene and provides solutions to often encountered problems. We look forward to sending our other investigators to the course when it returns."

   -  Pasadena,  CA

"This course receives high marks all the way around. The instruction was clear and provided a common sense protocol that we can adapt and use with our department."

 -  Cincinnati,  OH

"David I don't know if you remember me or not my name is Harold Bramlett I attended your homicide class April 21-24
At Atlanta Police Department. I went back to work the next day low and behold I had to respond to a location where a dead
body was found. During my investigation I referred back to some of the things I leaned during school. I just wanted to say thank you."

- Harold Bramlett

"We have gathered as a group and discussed your recent seminar. 'Impressive' and 'thorough' was the common theme. I thank you and your group for a professional job. I look forward to the day when our City can host your seminar(s) again. "

- Springfield, MA

"I just completed this class last week in Council Bluffs Iowa; fantastic! Dave Newman presented several very informative cases and was more than happy to share his insight into cases we are currently working. Time well spent!
Thank You."

- Sioux City, IA

"I recently attended the Homicide&Crime Scene Management training in Iowa.
Probably the best training I have attended in my 15 of LE. I am currently
looking for a 2010 calendar. I would like to send more of my investigators
to this school."

 - Matt Sargent

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